Cheerleading Secrets


Do you want to become the most talented cheerleader on the squad? The one that everyone admires, looks up to, even envies?

Just imagine what life would be like if you were the best cheerleader in town:

☆ With your skill and talent, you could join any squad you wanted.

☆ You could take any position that you felt like – flyer, spotter, or base.

☆ The others on the squad would be asking you for advice, because they would look up to you as their role model, their idol.

☆ And just think how popular you would become – everybody loves a great cheerleader!

Well you know what? You can do all of those things! You can be the cheerleader that suddenly everyone is talking about. You can be the best.

Cheerleading Secrets was created from all of the secrets, tips, tricks, and the tactics of hundreds of cheerleaders. Here are just some of the amazing things that you will find inside:

☆ How a simple mirror can massively improve your cheerleading abilities.

☆ The 3 essential elements of a successful cheerleading exercise program.

☆ Why you never need worry about letting the squad down.

☆ Exactly what you must do if you make a mistake while cheerleading.

☆ 5 ways to improve your arm movements.

☆ How to jump so high that your friends will think you’ve got springs in your sneakers!

☆ Three things parents can do to increase the safety of cheerleading.

☆ A simple yet powerful method for memorising cheers and routines effortlessly (never worry about forgetting a routine again).

☆ How cheerleading can help you in life outside of the squad.

☆ Little known ways to get your cheerleading uniform for half price or less.

☆ A special trick you can do with your voice if you want to become a pro.

☆ The single most important thing you must do before and after your routine to give you a head start in any competition.

☆ What your game plan has to include if you don’t want your squad to collapse into an embarrassing mess.

☆ Exactly what you should wear at tryouts to make sure you are the only one the judges are interested in.

☆ The most important benefit you can gain from cheerleading camp, and how to make sure you get it.

This is a no-holds-barred guide to being the best. When you read the book and put into practice the Cheerleading Secrets inside, you will:

☆ Have squad coaches and captains begging you to join their squads at tryouts.

☆ Be able to take any position on the squad that you want, and do it better than anyone else!

☆ Save money by picking up outstanding cheerleading equipment and clothing, for ordinary prices.

And as if that wasn’t enough, here are just a few more of the fascinating facts that are revealed to you in Cheerleading Secrets:

☆ Squad Relations. How to get on with your team members. Ever had problems like jealously, or petty arguments? Not any more!

☆ How to completely eliminate nerves. Whether at practice or in a competition, everyone gets nervous from time to time, but Cheerleading Secrets shows you powerful methods to beat it.

☆ Three things you need to master in order to win every cheerleading competition you enter.

Even if you’ve never been a cheerleader before, or never been in a squad, Cheerleading Secrets can help you:

☆ Learn how to get started in cheerleading even when you have no experience.

☆ Discover the top five common mistakes made by would-be cheerleaders – find out if you’re making one of them.

☆ What you need to do with your eyes when trying out for a squad.

☆ The one thing you have to do whilst waiting for your tryout, to improve your chances of selection.